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Fulfill your hip hop and RnB sample Needs Worldwide with Athenti Drum samples, Hip Hop Rnb samples and quick free Urban downloads for your favorite prospect at Download free sounds and purchases from our safe and secure site 24 / 7. Listen to sounds. safe, fast, and easy.

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Fat Joe
Mary J Blige
Jay Z
De La Soul
50 Cent & G - Unit
Mariah Caray
Elephant Man
Def Jam
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MPC 500
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Fruity Loops
Roland Samplers
MV 8000
Korg Triton
PC, MAC and all samplers that recgonize WAV FIles ™

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Make it sound soulful and jazzy. The best clap samples for hip hop and rnb for sure. A must have for producers worldwide to add hype to a tracks. There's only one clap collection made to serve the industry. It's here Industry Claps. 200 plus Claps. $29.95 with free timba kit.
Nothing will make your tracks sound authentic and deep like Deep Teknique. deep vocal sound bytes, soul rhodes, drums, claps 200 deep plus samples only $29.95 with free timba samples kit
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Compatible with these samplers :
MPC 500, 1000, 2000, 2000 XL, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, FRUITY LOOPS, ROLAND MV-8000, KORG TRITON, YAMAHA MOTIF, EXS24, MACHFIVE, KONTAKT, REASON, HALION, PC, MAC and all samplers that recognize WAV files.

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You're at, a site offering producers and beat makers high quality hip hop sounds and urban sounds for samplers.™ We've designed sounds kits for you to produce entire tracks with or you can use these sounds to layer with tracks your producing now.

Look no further then the original site All our sample kits are in WAV files and SND Self Loading files for MPC Samplers, available for immediate download! Plus all sound kits are designed to give you the lastest in innovative hip hop fx and essential drum samples for your hip hop production and all urban music. So peep our catalog, we have a written description and demo for each sample kit. Hear the sounds you be the judge! Download your samples immediately after purchase.

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